Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 11 - Cold Comfort

Re-record Tritone Orchestra versions of Animal Farm: IX. Penguins and

X. Seagulls with the help of the Garbage Band's reverb, plus discover impressive sonic resources at -- definitely another aural revolution. Include relevant items in the mixes and create videos for both pieces, posting on YouTube. Additionally there are two more edited pages of Symphony No. 2: III (through 16), another (5) of Psalm 22c, and produce parts for Animal Farm: III. Spiders and IV. Crabs -- before heading out

past the Lagoons,

Cordelia Junction,





St. John

Mine Mountain,

Vallejo Cliffs,



and over the Bay to another

San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra Board Meeting at

Erling's, where we finalize the repertory for next month -- which will include selections from Animal Farm,

Loren Jones's Banyan, and a crystaline performance of Terry Riley's In C: hence the title...

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral.