Thursday, August 26, 2010

August 26 - Somewhere In Between

Another edited page of Psalm 22c (18), heavy traffic approaching Cordelia, and Quiz 2 for the Theoreticians (Bass Clef, m & M2's, Snake Charmer keyboard-solfege in letter names, F Lydian and Major Scales) -- followed by a jaunt across the Bay to Celia's for paper grading (all A's again), post box check (several financial greetings), and walking the length of Casa Grande Avenue in Petaluma from Lakeville to

General Vallejo's Old Adobe, via

housing old





sheep (of all animals...), a


intrusion (well at least there are views and a kind of preservation, in contradistiction to some of the other encrustations)

challenging the thirsty

riparian corridor and

lost fish at the

edge of town, a



(at the end point, which, astoundingly enough turns out to be part of the

Bay Area Ridge Trail), and

fog nudging up against Sonoma Mountain, invading across the Estero Lowlands to the north. After this, there will only be the long walk north to (the second) Sonoma Mountain Road to finish up the Coast-to-Tahoe-Basin endeavor, but, for now, subsequent to a circuitous return, there's dessert with Harriet and the first two videos of

Seasons's Eves: I. Spring and

II. Summer. Check out Alexis Alrich's impressive work on Facebook and YouTube, and we become friends and mutual subscribers on the latter.