Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16 - People, Students, Theoreticians

Write the press release for September's San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra Animal, Vegetable, Mineral concert, and make the way to Diablo Valley College (establishing a new norm slightly earlier than previously, since the laptop no longer reliably goes to sleep without draining the battery, so now must be turned off and on) for the first


class of the

Fall 2010 Semester --

fully enrolled at 35 (Music Lit also at its limit of 40), and all seems to go well. Thereafter it's back to the residence for the next two Animal Farm videos -- the parodistic Steinbeckian extremes of

XIX. Mice and

XXI. Whales (XX. Chipmunks having been done a while back) -- plus two more edited pages of Symphony No. 1: III (through 24) and another of Psalm 22c (9).