Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 24 - Red Sky at Noon

Hottest day of the summer, getting up to 106 officially, with yet more videos for Mary Variations -- XII. Concerto for Serial Mary the Kid, after

XI. Mary and the Wolf -- and another prepared-for-publication page of Psalm 22c (16).

Following these, a blast off to DVC for Theory, with F Lydian and Major, and major sight-singing endeavors, also beginning with beginning harmonization, at the perfect parallel fifth below, in the spirit of Musica Enchiriadis.

Home briefly, organizing first student compositions (which were due today), for initial presentations tomorrow, then back for more with the Music Historians (9000-year-old Chinese Gudi flutes through the Grecian Delphic Hymns) and their Quiz 1,

preparing for next week.

Festivities afterwards with


Doug, and Melanie -- meeting a couple of women (drawn by the Jerome (AZ) leather cap, one a UCSD alumnae) who, astoundingly enough, are familiar with the music of Roger Reynolds. Home late thereafter, to wonderful Harriet.