Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 14 - What? A Day

Up at 5am and over the

Sunol Grade to

Foothill College (where the fog

breaks, if only

temporarily), up past the


quadrangle, for a

KFJC 89.7 FM joint interview with compatriot San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra members

Michael Cooke, Davide Verotta, and

Philip Freihofner, led by

Cousin Mary, playing excerpts from the Spring 2009 show and showcasing upcoming Return to Return to Sorrento concert this coming Saturday.

After lingering with

company, there's time for coffee and donuts with Phil and

Davide before heading back

out of the fog to Berkeley for

Sex and the Bible rehearsal. We make it through the staging of

Amazing Joseph (but have skipped the final section of Quartet for the Beginning of Time and The Sacrifice, which we'll do this Wednesday), then it's off to

Copy World to order five more scores, make the way past the

San Francisco Bay

waterfront, over the

bridge in heavy traffic (Harriet encountering similar on the Golden Gate),

petrol at 6th and Harrison, and

on to

Community Music Center to rendezvous with Vicky, Beth, and H re SATB lighting and set. Stage and theatre are more intimate than remembered, so will position drama in traditional manner, using the proscenium.

San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra Return to Return to Surrento second rehearsal directly follows and all goes smoothly and well, including

Martha Stoddard's Duo Concertante for Flute and Marimba,

Davide Verotta's Return? But Where?

Erling Wold's per Margherita Eugenia,

Alburger's Salome Suite (solution to first movement seems to be conducting 2/4 and 3/4 passages in one, 5/4 and 7/4 respectively as 3+2 and 2+2+3) and

Pini di Surriento (with guitar pizzicato for strings and muted brass),

David Graves's


John Bilotta's

Quantum Mechanic (with

Elizabeth Henry,



Erin Lahm,

Maria Mikheyenko,

Laryssa Sadoway, and

moi -- although not dressed as above),

Lisa Scola Prosek's Sorrento Canzona (with Maria), and

Loren Jones's Arrivederci Sorrento and

The Lost Plateau.

Brief kibbutz with the Quantum folks in the

kitchen / green room, then

homeward via I-80 -- and how can one possibly compose another page of Vespers (30) and analogous (2) re publication-preparation for Psalm 7?