Saturday, February 6, 2010

February 6 - Wild Blue Wonder

Page 22 of Vespers: II. Psalm 109: Dixit Dominus composed, the fifth page publication-preparation for Psalm 5. Harriet out to meet Roger McCracken, and

I follow soon after -- but, before that, we decide to find room on the Fresh Voices programs for

Job, so it's time to begin producing a Pierrot ensemble reducton of that full score,

stopping briefly on the way to Berkeley to re-sync the iPhone iPod with the required music.



Benicia Bridge in


through the Berkeley Hills, to the

John Bilotta / John McGrew

Quantum Mechanic we go, with

Mark Alburger, Harriet March Page, Martha Stoddard,

Erin Lahm, Maria

Mikheyenko, Laryssa Sadoway,

Justin Marsh, Elizabeth Henry, and

Keisuke Nakagoshi (part of the Return to Return to Sorrento SFCCO upcoming program.

Also hand out some Sex and the Bible business card promos and bestow the

score upon Keisuke, who will be joining us for tomorrow's rehearsal.

Dinner with Harriet afterwards at Pleasant Hill

BJ's, then recording a slower tempo (eighth = 350, rather than 400) of Sex and the Bible: 7. Amazing Joseph: II. Meanwhile Joseph (Tamar) in the lab, before the veil draws.