Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24 - How Many Days

A week and a day will pass away, but for now, off again through Paradise Valley,


680, across the

Benicia to

Diablo Valley for the Costanza Festa Quando Ritrovna dictation and board harmony, analyzed simultaneously in two keys, followed by more talent, in student compositions up to the letter "S."

Another China Gardens


with academic paper-shuffling,


to produce slightly slower versions of Israel in Trouble: IV. Fly Away, Amazing Joseph: II. Meanwhile Judah (Tamar) and V. Pharaoh Had a Dream,




Oakland for

Sex and the Bible, rehearsing Amazing: II. Now the Ishmaelites (Potiphar's Wife), V. Pharaoh

VII. Take My Youngest Son, VIII. I Am Joseph, IX. Now I Can Die, plus

II. Tamar, Israel in Trouble: IV. Fly Away and

Abraham and Isaac: XI. The Sacrifice through

XIV. The Burial, with partial props and staging. Home thereafter, with the final page (6) of the doxology of Vespers: II. Psalm 109: Dixit Domine, and beginning the publication-preparation of Psalm 8.