Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 9 - Sun Shadow Run

Up at some unearthly hour, out the door for St. Mary's past the Sulfur Springs,

the cows of Eden

in the rain,

Mt. Diablo,


the Benicia

Bridge in

fitful sun, which

breaks through a bit more at the

24 turn-off but


strikingly distant.



all the

dog-and-pony equipment past the

artifacts of

Dante Hall including

(carrying case slung over right shoulder)

digital projector
(smaller carrying case also slung over right shoulder above computer)

stereo speakers, internet cable, power cables, visual cable, stereo chords
(in box, balanced with left hand and shoulder)

cell phone
(in pocket, which of course can now be used to play music off of built-in iPod)

c. 30-foot-long fire-engine-red/orange power chord extension
(wrapped around neck)

to class,

for a 15-minute set-up (reasonably early at 9-9:15, and lo, all the furniture has been re-arranged since yesterday early evening).

Perceiving the Performing Arts off to an enlightening start with Rebecca (Aristotle's six elements of drama from The Poetics, plus a little Shakespeare ("to be...) and Mamet ("f'nin' Ruthie!"), as well as a little holding-forth from Jia and the new guy (markalburgermusichistory.blogspot.com visuals).

Amazingly fast transition to next class,

and Jia kindly offers assistence re in-house equipment and general school logistics before and after class next time --

gratefully accepted.

Back on the road to

Diablo Valley

College for

Theory dictation of Kyrie IV, plus compositions by David and Bev, lunch at China Garden grading papers (and somehow producing the treble versions of Job: III-IV),




from Pythagoras to

Gregorian Chant

looking ahead to

more Medieval merriment. Out with Owen and Doug, then home totally exhausted -- how can one possibly compose page 25 of Vespers: II. Psalm 109: Dixit Dominus, and prepare-for-for publication page 8 of Psalm 5?