Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 7 - Trajectories

Out and about all day and night,

first making and sending the Sex and the Bible cast all the piano-vocal midi files of the score,

plus a new, slower version of Meanwhile Judah Left Home (The Story of Tamar) (now at mm eighth = 350, rather than 400)

then to Sex and the Bible rehearsal, where Keisuke Nakagoshi joins us for the first time,

with complete cast again, staging from Sodom and Gomorrah (Lotsa Luck) up to Shouldn't Work for Nothing, and musical rehearsal to the end (although we reserve The Sacrifice for this coming Wednesday).

Cast members respond to opportunity to put on Job, as part of Fresh Voices X in June, with

God - Nanette McGuinness
Satan - Crystal Philippa
Job - Marilyn Pratt

and Maria Mikheyenko expressing interest as well.

Rendezvous with Harriet March Page and Meghan Dibble at

Hadley's in time to hear the last impressive

Goat Hall Productions / San Francisco Cabaret Opera Fresh Voices callback auditionee (Heather Lauren Klein) of the day (singing Mozart),




camp for

Saul's in North Berkeley, and afterwards (again thanks to the wonder of Google Maps on the iPhone) to the Kensington Unitarian Universalist Church for

Herb Bielawa's


Retrospective concert, which will be written up soon in 21st-Century Music (,, and in print) -- a well-attended and

finely-performed evening, with listeners including

Ann Calloway (composer), Richard Mix (the first Creon in Antigone), Aldan Jenks (composer featured in upcoming Fresh Voices X), Werner Jepson (Fresh Voices composer of San Francisco Is Burning), Peter Josheff (Fresh Voices composer of Inferno, clarinetist of recent Yerba Buena Wozzeck), Eliza O'Malley (Pegeen Mike in The Playboy of the Western World, Vladimir in Waiting for Godot, and the second Antigone), Jules Langert (emeritus professor of composition at Dominican in the masters program), Elinor Armer (composer), Anne Basart (publisher), Steve Mobia (composer and loyal GHP/SFCO and San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra attendee); and performers

Magan Solomon (San Francisco Choral Artists),

Brooke Aird (violin), Cathy Allen (cello), Richard Matthias (clarinet), Sondra Soderlund (organ), among others. Great to hear and see everyone, and, of course, pass out some

Sex and the Bible business card promos (and gladly receive a few notices from compatriots). Home late, with another page (23) composed for Vespers: II. Psalm 109: Dixit Dominus,publication-preparation for yet again (page 6) Psalm 5, and the rest of the Pierrot ensemble version of

Job (through XI.)