Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 21 - Bright and Sexy

Up and out early to

for a double rehearsal of Sex and the Bible, beginning at San Francisco Community Music Center, with Keisuke, Vicky, Harriet, Kim, Robert, Crystal, Theresa, Nathan, and Indre -- on stage at last, with some props, from The Creation through Lot in Life. Decide to use both piano and audio throughout, with one speaker facing keyboard and the other downstage center facing upstage for cast and conductor, the latter directing from floor, just below thrust, shall we say. Piano and harpsichord can serve as "dressing tables" for properties and costumes. Extra bits added in Quartet for the Beginning of Time, including finally choreographing the "begats" section as simply a "production number" -- with the cast showing their talents for dance.

For the afternoon practice, back over the bay to Berkeley and Chamber Arts, with all of morning players joined by Marilyn, Maria, and Liz. Additionally we rendezvous with

Bridgette from Cal Berkeley Radio, who records Well, Well, Well, Well, Well, and

Shouldn't Work for Nothing and

stays for the rest of rehearsal, including

"Leah had a


Bilhah had a baby...,

Zilpah had a baby...

Rachel had a baby...,"

How to Depart ("Take his household gods...

She's on her period,

sitting on camel...

May the Lord watch"),

On His Way ("Take your hands from me"), through And the Midianites (Potiphar's Wife), with several cast members including moi interviewed by Bridgette. Return to ground zero for composition of page 3 for Vespers: II. Psalm 109 Dixit Domine doxology and publication-preparation (11) re Psalm 7.