Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 13 - Explosive Findings

Third page of Psalm 32, a DVC explique of early 20th-century music techniques -- specifically Claude Debussy, Scott Joplin, Igor Stravinsky (the atonal folks eventually) -- and brilliant student compositions. After class, Bruce Cook asks me to substitute for three more Monte Bairos classes tomorrow -- following a bit of hesitation, this is accepted, and the rest of the afternoon is spent (after a bookstore run for lunch) with more Music History blog updates and embeddings, with the new evening History of Rock class going pleasantly/smoothly in its second installment, from Chuck Berry to Elvis Presley, with a quiz on roughly the same

next week.

(N.B. re above:

Monophonic - One line of music, strictly performed
Heterophonic - One line of music, freely performed
Polyphonic - More than one line; lines of roughly equal importance
Homophonic - More than one line; one line more important than the others)

Home late, and yet still cannot settle down right away, so something like videos for Deploration Passacaglias: VII. Bach and

VIII. Handel are done.