Saturday, October 9, 2010

October 9 - Bending to the Tasks

Well, at least the weather's beautiful.

New Encore behaves for edited page 6 of Psalm 31, and computer for video of Some Stuff: VI. Pastoral Adagio, but, during dinner with Harriet, notice that the Mac is not powering back to 100% (steadily descending to 97-86-95 when being transported powerless from room-to-room before replugging). Google the issue, and evidently no big deal, but then when looking at full screen playback of

VII. Postlude in iMovie before "sharing" computer just turns itself off. Remember this "random shut down syndrome" with old Mac last year and definitely not ready to have it happen again. Not pleased. Fan still runs while everything is dead, suggesting that something is still alive in there. Change computer chord to the old reliable-but-frayed one, just in case that's the issue, and said power cable indicates recharging (yellow vs. green). Try to turn it back on. No good, although white light in front comes on briefly. Wait a few minutes. Call Erling, who's unavailable. Look on the back for charging-up lights. Try again, and this time computer makes the sound of itself turning off, as if it had been on with a dead screan. Try again and it comes back on. Feel like it's playing with my mind. Felt that way last summer, too, with the power-drain-on-sleep problem.... No further problems in the evening, though on edge, prepared for it to happen anytime. Google the random-shutdown syndrome, but posts seem to reference earlier MacBook in 2006.

What will become of us, came the question on bended knee....