Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 5 - Under Palm-Tossed Skies

Second page of Psalm 31 ignited before the pilgrimage to Diablo Valley College, returning to the interior of the classroom for a dictation and board harmony on Giuseppe Verdi's Aida: Act II - Triumphal Entry, plus engaging student compositions.

Next, break for the church of Elephant Bar,

lingering for an extended time to pay homage re make up quizzes for the evening class, returning with more embedding of Baroque videos onto the markalburgermusichistory.blogspot.com site -- making it all the way up to the last assigned listening for the evening: J.S. Bach's Organ Fugue in G Minor ("Little").

Those of us in Music Literature backtrack through the High Renaissance to Henry Purcell, then leap to the rest of the musique quizqurete and beyond towards

next week's Classical revels. The day's festivities end typically Tuesdayish, with Doug,

Owen, and Melanie at BJ's, then home for more Job: A Masque video madness:

V. "Place a Curse" and

VII. "Empty Words" -- the former utilizing the cutaway option, using the video from 6/17/10 and the audio from 6/19 in sychronization... grateful for Marty Stoddard's steady tempi!