Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October 6 - Diablos All

Psalm 31 page 3 edited, then pencil in the trip to DVC for Charles Ives's Variations on America Spanish variant for dictation / board harmony / keyboard-solfege. Blitz round-trip again for errant instructional material and R&B / 50's rock video embedding on the music history blog, rendezvous'ing at Monty Bairos's palatial office to go over the logistics for the changing-of-the-guard in the Wednesday evening class. Set up in adjacent classroom (with welcome perspective from Mark Steidel), as transition time in the assigned spot seems overly tight (Bruce Cooke holding a class there mere minutes before the appointed hour). The clock strikes whatever, Monty gives his quiz, then group and I head down hall for new venue, with music from

Joe Turner to Chuck Berry, with a guess-what next week (N.B. 8913 for Waters).... Seems like it all works, and time will tell -- for now, head back to finish up editing the Job: A Masque videos with

X. "Who Are You" and

XI. "Lord Blessed the Last Part"