Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 19 - The Hills Are Allied

Page 5 of Psalm 33 edited, and more videos favorited on YouTube, until the time comes to proceed past the Vaca Mountains, English Hills, et al., to Diablo Valley College and Part II of the Kurt Weill Threepenny Opera: Ballad of Mac the Knife dictation / board-harmony, plus more wondrous student compositions.

The seemingly typical Tuesday-at-Elephant-Bar-grading-papers follows, then back for more of same and

evening Music Literature class from William Billings to Frederic Chopin, with leaps ahead for Giuseppe Verdi, Gustav Mahler, Scott Joplin, and greetings from Maria, Ben Abar, and Kamo.

Home to embed videos for tomorrow night's Rock History class, and think about videos for

Deploration Passacaglias: XIX. Stravinsky and

XX. Weill.