Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 14 - Lights in the Sky

Yes, a lot of the world gets up before 7am, including present company this morning,

turning on to I-80 and down the





Valley College to sub for Monsieur Bairos in

Chamber Music, four self-starting ensembles (woodwind, brass, percussion, string), independent enough that one can finish the editing of

Psalm 32 (7 pages total). Guitar class is much more hands-on, and we make our way through 12-bar blues progressions, new chords, and syncopations. An hour-and-a-half break, more work on the Music History blog (mostly Bob Dylan),

Theory Quiz 9 (which could involve a glowing Cinderella pen) -- with examples drawn from Charles Ives, Scott Joplin, Claude Debussy, and Igor Stravinsky -- and lab recording of

Psalm 32 ("Blessed Is One") follow, as does more Music History Dylanesque blogging, before the Night Band, which has evidently been cancelled by a Facebook posting (suspected but not confirmed until the hour). Homeward it is then, for videos of

Deploration Passacaglias: IX. Mozart and

X. Beethoven.