Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4 - Fresh Chances

Atmospheric conditions within the Music Building require a mise-en-scene en plein air, so we do the Frederic Chopin (how appropriate) E Minor Prelude dictation in the brisk al fresco, changing cultures as we go, and sing and "mind's eye" our way through classwork including 7th chords, the C chromatic and F natural and harmonic minor scales -- and it seems like a

good time is had by all.

Before this, begin editing Psalm 31 -- setting Wagnerian

fire to Josquin des Pres's In Te Domine Sparavi (text said to have been Savaranola's favorite, recalling Robert Ashley's lines about Giordano Bruno: "I think they burned him... He was too... positive.") -- and

appropriately proceeding through

similar (almost Mt. Sinai-esian) conditions to

Diablo. After, record both parts of Psalm

30 in the lab

then return over the





Sulfur Springs for


in the

sunset, more Job: A Masque video editing

(I. "What You Been Doing?" and

IV. "Curse God and Die"), and additional embedding of Baroque videos for tomorrow evening's class.