Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23 - Saving Time

Continue editing Psalm 41 (the next 10 pages) before vaulting over the Bencia Bridge to Diablo for dictation, solfege, and board harmony from Shelly Yen, Allison Lee, and Michael Sharp, finishing up the engaging student compositions of round four that have come in thus far.

Beyond this, to

Walnut Creek, picking up a 1/2 terrabyte external hard drive, for a second back-up and additional video storage, anticipating tomorrow's trip. Lunch and paper grading at La Fogata,

followed by embeds of Samuel Barber YouTube videos at markalburgermusichistory.blogspot.com, then the evening class from Jester Hairston and Louis Armstrong (both b. 1901) to Muddy Waters and Benjamin Britten (ditto 1913).

Home to transfer documents, movies, music, and pictures to the new storage unite (which takes hours) and to respond to a plethora of positive comments from Owen Golden on YouTube (which takes minutes), somehow finishing up For My Brother For My Brother videos with

XIII. Sleepytime Burgers.