Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8 - The Old One-Two

Some 21st-Century Music work before blasting off towards Mt. Diablo past

Long Barn and


over the Benicia near

Martinez Refinery,



to DVC for dictation and board harmony on Philip Glass's Einstein on the Beach: BED, planning for the student teaching that begins in two weeks.

Thereafter it's lunch


coffee with Doug, recording

Psalm 37 ("O Rest in the Lord") and

38 ("Domine ne in furore") in the lab, re-recording everything since switching to the new Encore (saving MIDI files in the old program, which contains less potential "over-riding" information). The lingering means that the heading home takes place c. 7pm through Fairfield, and cannot resist descending upon the

Missouri Street Theatre, where Harriet is auditioning for the part of the Mother in Sam Shepard's True West. I am prevailed upon by the director to audition as well, for the part of Sam Kimmer ("Mr. Kipper" "Kimmer"....), and an enjoyable experience indeed, having not auditioned for a part in non-operatic theatre for no doubt more than 30 years -- ambiguous about getting the role, however... awful lot of other things to be done in the next few months...

such as beginning the editing of Psalm 39 and continuing to produce videos, including that for the studio/movie version of Cats, Dogs, and Divas: XVIII. His Needs.