Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1 - All Sense Day

After the requisite page (4) of Psalm 36 and 21st-Century Music work -- off to Diablo Valley College for a dictation and board harmony on Paul McCartney's Yesterday, followed by lunch and a coffee run to the bookstore pour Doug et moi. Finish the

Psalm 36
"Sin Speaks" edits (through page 7, and, yes, too much Alban Berg Wozzeck in it) and record same, but suspect that the new Encore is compromising the midi files (definitely over-riding the instrument choices, which have to be re-assigned in the lab), so further dress up the audio at home -- ultimately discover that the new program's midi will not import into GarageBand, but find a work-around by opening the newer in the older program, then saving as the old midi.

Out in the lowering light, and over to

Site for Sore Eyes for an eye test (first in c. 15 years) -- when the word "glaucoma" is posited, it's evidently time to feel faint, but there's simply a mild suspicion and recommend, to be followed up in the fulness of time. With new glasses to be ready by mid-tomorrow (the old met with an unfortunate bend yesterday, so it's definitely appropriate for an update), the wander northeast leads to chicken cacciatore with Harriet, and two more Cats, Dogs, and Divas studio-recording videos as

IV. Greatgrandma Hattie and

V. In the House of My Father, plus embed early 20th-Century music videos on the Music History blog (through Edgar Varese and King Oliver).