Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12 - Whoo Hoo!

Begin editing Psalm 39b and receive stunning news on the email from Charles Hiroshi Garrett, Editor of The New Grove Dictionary of American Music, who is trying to track down the hard-working Phillip George, offers a commission to update the Philip Glass article for their Second Edition (somehow Edward Strickland is unavailable), and invites me to write new articles on subjects drawn from their "need-of-coverage" list. I suggest an array of 10, including one on Erling, and all are accepted. In our back-and-forth, Charles relates than a writer has been commissioned to do an article on me -- extremely pleasing news, indeed. Additionally, Erling plans to start a Wikipedia listing... also great to learn.

Flying high with Harriet, it's time to head to Lick-Wilmerding for the Job: A Masque revival dress-rehearsal will take place,

arriving as John Bilotta's Trifles is finishing up (only a sitzprobe, in their case -- cannot imagine)!

We move and sing through our paces with Harriet March Page (God), Heather Klein (Elihu), Kate Bautch (Job's Wife), Marilyn Pratt (Job), Suzanna Mizell (Eliphaz the Temanite), and Maria Mikheyenko (Satan) -- through Scenes such as

VI. Man Is

Born to


(as the sparks fly upward into air),

VII. Empty


VIII. Is There Someone, and

X. Who Are You

Job. Home late but still a studio-movie to do for

Cats, Dogs, and Divas: XXII. You Got That Right.