Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 16 - Deja Viewed

Begin editing Psalm 40 "I Waited Patiently" and do some 21st-Century Music work before blasting off on the Diabloway for the last dictation / board-harmony of the semester with the Theoreticians: Sting's King of Pain (one of my theme songs). Perhaps the last


Bar paper grading for awhile, given the abolition of booths in the bar (not as congenial for an old guy in relax mode) returning for more

Music History merriment, way behind, as we only cover through Harry Partch and Jester Hairston (both b. 1901), yet plunge ahead towards

parts known and potentially unknown. Out with Doug and Melanie thereafter, and home for whatever the next video is.

Oh, yes -- For My Brother For My Brother: 4. A Mother's Disappointment