Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 17 - Information Wanted

Second page of Psalm 40 "I Waited Patiently" edited, more 21st-Century Music work, and final traditional class session for the Theoreticians, wrapping up the Sting King of Pain harmonization and keyboard-solfege, playing three excerpts from Cats, Dogs, and Divas (XVI. The Proposttion, XVII. Crazy, and XVIII. His Needs -- quite well received), and finishing up an excellent round three of student compositions. China Garden paper-grading lunch, then a return for Rock History from Roger Waters (b. 1943) to Gregg Allman (1947), beyond which lie two-weeks-from-now's endeavors (N.B. the Prince should read "Darling Nikki"... oh, well....)

Home thereafter for another video adventure... For My Brother For My Brother: V. In Hollow Closets.