Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11 - Diablos and Musica

Finish editing part one of Psalm 39 (four pages total) and provisionally do a Garbage Band recording before sallying forth to bestow Quiz 13 upon the Theoreticians, with excerpts drawn from Philip Glass, Roger Waters, and John Williams.

Make the jump to

Marin, paper-grading at Celia's and post-box greetings thereafter, arriving back in Fairfield a bit early

(so cool the heels at Blue Frog and actually catch-up totally with the Theory evaluations) for the Missouri Street Theatre's Sam Shepard True West callbacks, and it's a hotbed of activity, with

Harriet holding forth. Am relieved to see they have a competent Saul in the lineup, and hope for the best that I am not called upon, though will answer if Harriet and I are both asked to serve. Home eventually (the Mothers are dismissed relatively early) to do studio/movie video of

Cats, Dogs, and Divas: XXII. Love.