Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 21 - Only a Test

Receive a wonderful long note from Carol Piatt, who I've tracked down via the wonders of Google -- still practicing medicine in Virginia, but not, alas planning on attending upcoming reunion. Happily, Susan Hauslein and Brian Gibson are, possibly the Lochers, lamentably not Don and Urs Gosnay... Finish editing Psalm 40 (six pages total) and discover, via Google Alerts, that Mary Variations: V. Mary Is Icumen In has become a quiz item online... amazing....

As the weather has unexpectedly improved,

storm out in the late afternoon --

down 80,

over 12

past the Napa

Wine Guy and


Border Barns, to

Sonoma -- for a jaunt on

Adobe Road from South Willow Creek Hill,

north down


up to

Waugh School, descending near

Willow Creek South Branch, and thence to the


Still probably two more hikes (one on either side of Penngrove) to finish up the Coast to Alpine Meadows series, but all in good time.

For now, home for another For My Brother For My Brother video as

11. It Is Fitting.