Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 11 - Musical Feats

Feeling slightly better, though exhausted. Begin the long process of transferring all the old Encore files from old computer to new via email (certainly there are faster ways), eventually turning all into pdfs and posting at Scribd to embed in Transfer through Opus 7 Interrupted Interludes. Also begin publication orchestration of The Creation, then out the door with Harriet to a jazz party for

Ken Bullock's 58th birthday

after an hour commute in relentless rain (oh, yes, before this there was also the scope of a local church doing a Sex and the Bible series, but, alas they prove to be of the fundamentalist / megachurch / electric-folk-don't-read-much-sheet-music stripe... ["with his stripes?"...]), at

Cafe Royale in San Francisco (also the location we learn from a Google image search of a

recent public


The scene for the birthday boy (here with a friend of Indre's) is initially a



with a

post-bop trio (although several of us "sit in" from our seats on various bestowed percussion -- as for me, when given sleighbells, I tend to use them), a scene harkening back

to Keroauc, with many of us seemingly of that generation,

seeing and

being seen ("I could see whores on that balcony," says Harriet, thinking Threepenny), all

watched over by

capable staff.

The band joins in the increasing festivities, as the place starts to fill up, with hearty greetings from Maggie Tennenbaum's boyfriend and Jeff Kaliss (the latter, lamentably, only by phone), but, alas, it is our appointed hour across the

Golden Gate, over the


Route 37 marshes,

Napa River

Bridge, past



St. John Mine Mountain Ranch,






home, where it turns out the sunniest weather is ("well, did you learn anything, Dorothy?"), for page 7 of Song of Solomon: IV. Pulchra es (You Are Beautiful). Also find ourselves watching more videos (as it takes the mind off of other issues), including, in the past 24, Dances with Wolves ("Don't let them cut off my leg" "As God is my witness, you'll keep your leg"... heck "Don't hurt my mules"...); Gandhi; and documentaries on Mt. Katahdin, Pikes Peak, and human bodies (perhaps not what you think).