Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 17 - Weekend Job Descriptions

Compose page 3 for Song of Solomon: V. Let My Beloved Come, update the and sites (the latter re syllabus of Perceiving the Arts -- dividing the four weeks into Early Music, Common Practice, 20th-Century, and 21st-Century / SF Symphony), and following Harriet out the door (eventually) to Chamber Arts for the fourth rehearsal of Job: A Masque, with at last our complete cast as

Nanette McGuinness (God / Bildad the Shuhite)
Heather Klein (Elihu / Servant I)
Kate Bautch (Job's Wife / Servant III)
Marilyn Pratt (Job)
Sarita Cannon (Eliphaz the Temanite / Servant II)
Crystal Philippi (Satan / Zophar the Namaathite / Servant IV)

Above photo and below Owen Lee party shot thanks to learning how to use the "stitch" mode in Photosmart Studio for the first times.

Breaking up is always hard, we know,

but we have to jump in the car towards

the Berkeley




the Round Top Highlands,




on 24 / 680 -- towards Owen Lee's

50th-birthday party in Concord, with Glenn Appell, Mark Steidel,

the celebrant (unfortunately the only pic taken turned out to be this newborn one), David Chavez, Jerry Kuderna, Brett Peppo, Rory Snyder, and Dick Kamprath.

Reverse course past the Walnut Creek

Ziggurats, again through the hills to

San Francisco Bay, over the

Bridge, rendezvous'ing with Harriet at

Goat Hall to check the mail (she does better at the post box). Davies Hall is next (run into Ken Bullock and company fore and aft while dropping off and picking up Harriet) for a performance by the

St. Louis Symphony of

Christopher Rouse - Rapture
Sergei Prokofiev - Violin Concerto No. 2
Jan Sibelius - Symphony No. 7
John Adams - Dr. Atomic Symphony

to be written up soon for Commuter Times and 21st-Century Music (,, and in print),



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