Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 8 - Magic Fire Music

No, haven't wandered off to a Beltane Festival prematurely (the celebration date tends to be May 1) -- just a process of Word Association Football, beginning with a second page of Psalm 17 ("Hear My Cry") publication-prepared, recording Psalm 16 with the Garbage Band (a few glitches re computer -- search ["spotlight"] not finding recent items beyond this past Sunday, iPod not recognized by computer [eventually solved], and iPhone-iPod insists on re-syncing everything -- rather than just recent updates, evidently due to recent software update), followed by writing up

Herb Bielawa's 80th-Birthday Composition Concert for 21st-Century Music (, soon at and in print), followed by yet again re-encountering of the

Wine Guy,

making the turns onto 121 and


Napa Road. Late afternoon on

Leveroni and Arnold leads past views of the Sonoma

and Mayacamas Mountains,


State Developmental Center (as it is now officially appelated),

Glen Ellen, back to the junction with

12. Proceeding anon, it is but a short distance to the



turn (will try better alignment next time),

beginning this walk up the

Sonoma Valley in the company of

turkey farms and






("not Dumb Bear"),


turnoffs and


including the one at the

Beltane Ranch --

pretty much named after the

Festival, which also brings to mind

Peter Maxell


work. Further nonsequitur: truly amazing re this iPhone: in these last hours have been listening to music on it while driving, receiving phone calls legally thanks to the earbud, and -- while walking -- checking the weather,

taking pictures, and utilizing the google maps detailed aerials that are definitely more gainly than carting around hard-copy topos (and mostly, more useful [when working, of course] re vegetation, structures, names of roads, currency [i.e. up-to-dateness]... U.S. Geographical Survey's versions [now mostly available at only advantages seem to remain contour lines [a.k.a. isohypse / isoline / isarithm -- dig it, Guillaume de Machaut!] and state / regional / municipal boundaries.

The setting sun works its own

incandescence over the

Sonoma and


Mountains -- framed by

oak and

pine --

at the perhaps-endangered intersection (why utilize a mere realtor, after all?) of the school's


("not Dumb Bear"), and

it is time to return for another page (4) composed re

Song of Solomon: IV. Pulchra Es ("You Are Beautiful").