Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5 - Holy Trinity!

First day of Spring Break. Big question is: stay or go? Southern California always seems appealing when the local weather is unsettled, and unsettled it is most of the day -- each cloudy stretch signifying flight, each sunny one complacency. Additionally, while Diablo Valley is off, St. Mary's is again up and running -- but have been advised that attendence is not mandatory when not on the teaching hotseat, so we shall see.

Finish both Psalm 15 and Song of Solomon: III. Do Garbage Band recordings of these plus 14 and II. Also write the San Francisco Symphony Shostakovich/Grieg double bill for Commuter Times and 21st-Century Music, beginning the May 2010 issue of the latter at Discover a glitch in the March version of same -- correct it online by placing revisions of pdf and jpeg in Cyberduck, which, since embedded on our site linked to the Duck, instantly fixes. Nice.

All this industry calls for a reward, and the weather seems to be settingly down (after getting a few sprinkles out of its system), so off to Napa we go, past the Wine Guy,

over the River with the Mayacamas Mountains,

Eucalyptus Row, a

spotted sun, the


Stag's Leap, and

Mt. St. John beckoning.

The walk, in worlds more pleasant conditions than yesterday (although brisk), starts up again from the Napa/Sonoma

Border Meadow and leads past


(masquerading their location, but we know better), an amazing


(Mahon? As in The Playboy of the Western World's Old Mahon?),

low clouds,

low sun, the

Petrini Winery, a



deep woods,

to the crest of the range, where it's all downhill from here on Trinity Road sometime later.

Home for spaghetti with Harriet (one of the few things I can cook), beginning both Psalm 16 "Preserve Me" and Song of Solomon: IV. Pulchra es (You Are Beautiful) -- the latter which will be recapitulated for VI. and additionally used in Vespers.