Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13 - Zooming Ahead

Somehow the alarm does not make its impact, and

suddenly it is 8am and the

time to



St. Mary's has arrived, a little behind the time arc, ironically (after weeks of being on the rather absurdly early side, when not actively running the class), since today may be the beginning of the music section of Perceiving the Performing Arts. Low and behold, upon arriving, am the sole faculty member present, so yes, not only is it commencment, but at the front end of the proceedings, no less, so off we go, continuing in the basics of the sonic arts (picking up from a seesion more than six weeks back)-- with seemingly all going well, despite the surprise start. Listening for Quiz 1 is

Yurok (California) - Women's Brush Dance

Greek (Asia Minor) - Epitaph of Seikilos

Gregorian Chant - Kyrie IV

Guillaume de Machaut - Notre Dame Mass: Kyrie

Diablo Valley follows with more of the Richard Rodgers Do-Re-Mi, plus Olivier Messiaenic whole-step-half-step scale, followed by

more paper grading



Bar, evening class from Richard Wagner to Paul Dukas, nightspot with Doug (Owen preparing for his 50th bash, this Saturday), and suspect nightcap of more orchestration work on The Creation (through page 3) and composition of Song of Solomon: IV. Pulchra es (You Are Beautiful) (9).