Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14 - Bombs Away

While finishing the composition of Song of Solomon: IV. (10 pages total), Elena emails asking, "Is class cancelled today?" The response is, "Not to my knowledge..." but Google the school and find the website down, call and cannot connect with operator or Jason in Humanities, so am prepared for anything (thinking of the bomb scare a few summers back). Arrive at 12:20pm to find the power out (sign suggesting it was to have been back on at noon), ample/abnormally-available parking in the lots, students and faculty milling / waiting around outside and in the dark hall. Greeting puzzled students, decide we may as well open the blinds and at least sit in the shadowy classroom for a couple of minutes, going over material for tomorrow's quiz. At precisely one minute (12:31) after the official start of class, the power comes back on and we proceed apace with the March and Lullaby from Alban Berg's Wozzeck, followed by half-step/whole-step scale, blues patterns, and an ample number of student compositions.



follows, as we do the final edits for the April 2010 issue of 21st-Century Music at China Garden,

returning lab-wise to record

The Song of Solomon: IV. Pulchra es (You Are Beautiful)



to Berkeley, dropping off back and April 21st-Century issues for printing, then off to San Francisco and Erling's for another Salon (playing above plus

Vespers: I. Deus in adjutorium)

and San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra board meeting, where, among other decisions, we come up with a name for the upcoming June show:

Silence of the Wolves. Linger with Erling to listen to his 1/2-hour double-piano tour-de-force, etc., then home for the orchestration of The Creation (through page 4).