Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15 - A Bit Taxing

Quiz 1 -- more of a worksheet, really -- for the St. Mary's Perceivers (plus first time using video machine, which, like the rest of the!, followed by Quiz 11 for the DVC Theoreticians, the latter with excerpts from Duke Ellington, Olivier Messiaen, Bela Bartok, John Cage, Jester Hairston, and Richard Rodgers --

then back to SMC to collect errant power cable and visual adapter (getting a call, while dealing with petrol, re recent health care plan, and answering a plethora of questions, mostly with "no").

Beyond, it's a mad dash to

Marin, picking up overcoat (a resewn button morphs into a drycleaning and liner repair to the tune of $37.97... the last under-two paid in long-duration small coins),

items at post office (just before guard locks door),

a reservation (exactly at what is perceived to be closing time) to have standard auto maintenance on April 21, and

dinner/double-paper-grading at Fernando's (all A's and B's from DVC, and mostly the same re SMC) with a first guilty ordering of Americano from a Mexicano establishment).








under-the-agreed wire, as is a late grocery run, the beginning of Song of Solomon V., and the fifth page of orchestration for The Creation.