Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1 - Celestial Positionings

Begin the staging of Job: A Masque, for San Francisco Cabaret Opera's Fresh Voices programs in June, with Nanette McGuiness (God / Bildad the Shuhite), Heather Kline (Elihu / Messenger I), Kate Bautch (Job's Wife / Messenger III), Marilyn Pratt (Job), Sarita Cannon (Eliphaz the Temanite / Messenger II), and Crystal Philippi (Satan / Messenger IV / Zophar the Naamathite) -- including

"Have you seen",

"We were plowing",

"And they killed off everyone",

"Where have you been",

"No one's like him",

"Take away his health", and

"He'll curse your face".

Earlier, it was page 5 Creation: III orchestrated, 3 of Vespers: VII. Duo Seraphim (Part II) composed, and parts for Job: XI. done, before heading past Mt. Diablo in the glorious mid-day sunny cloudless warmth.

After, head with Harriet to

Goat Hall, checking the mail (somewhat worthwhile), then down the

increasingly incredibly bitterly cold, foggy coast of

Pacifica /

Linda Mar and

Devil's Slide, to

Half Moon Bay, walking from

Wavecrest to a pickup on

Poplar, via






overlooked by the



and encroaching


A bit west and

north past the

Cypress Inn and

Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society to

dine in



farther north in the restive, setting sun.

[N.B. all the pictures of San Mateo county (Devil's Slide, Half Moon Bay, Pacifica) in this blog entry are inexplicably prefixed as "ContraCosta." Oh well...]