Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 16 - More Light, Mostly

San Francisco Cabaret Opera rehearsal at Chamber Arts of Fresh Voices X Festival of New Music (to be presented in June), including a lighting production meeting with

Del, and

Crystal's inventive staging of

Job: Scene VII. Before, during (there's time on either side of the masque practice), and after orchestrate the next page (10) of The Creation: IV., finish the composition of Vespers: IX . Audi Coelum, Part I - Duo, begin that of Part II- Sextet (diatonic descending bass Dorian/Minor hemiola blues), and start a new piece: Op. 184 Ave Maris Stella (bending, minimalizing, and medievalizing Monteverdi back towards the original chant).

The afterwards also entails the 24 /

680 corridor to


Bar with

Harriet and