Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17 - Marginal Mondays

It's rained every Monday for quite some time --

will night never come?

Morning continuing orchestration (page 11) of The Creation: IV. and composition of Ave Maris Stella (which is also part of Vespers) before powering

up and out for Diablo Valley College Theory, with Manuela Ovalles doing a delightful dictation on the Disney


of the

Caribbean, Amelia Broadhurst leading sight-singing from Anastasia, and Marvin Wu presenting a board-harmony/analysis of

Calixa Lavallée's

O Canada.

Write up the Oakland East Bay concert at (and soon for and in print for Commuter Times and 21st-Century Music) while

dining, then

return to the lab to finish composing

Ave Maris Stella

and recording same with the Tritone Orchestra. There's just enough time to make it to

Lick-Wilmerding High to check in with the

excellent professionals who rehearse Job (including clarinetist Nora Adachi, pianist Keisuke Nakagoshi, cellist Joan Hadashi, conductor Martha Stoddard -- watched over here by the benificent, talented duo of Johns Bilotta and McGrew). All goes well, with a little singing re-inforcement re rhythms, style, tempi -- then a long return home via the Western margins of San Francisco to the borders and frontiers beyond.