Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24 - Tabulae Rasae

Bit blank in a very early departure -- staring off into the English Hills, Vaca Mountains,

Mt. Diablo, and

Acalanes Ridge -- on the way to

St. Mary's,





for a couple of hours to double-check reviews and exams,

and then a

final faculty meeting with Jia and Rebecca re Perceiving the Arts grades. Again, an array, with, unfortunately, a number lower than would have been the case in an independent scenario.

Next to the breakfast palace quickly, for a two-buck entree (with coffee a penny less competitive at $1.99, thereby defacto doubling) to score Diablo Valley College Theory quizzes before another lab session, recording the first 11 pages of

Vespers: IX. Audi Coelum (Part II), then returning in the light of


Wooded Top,

Twin Sisters, the Vacas,

Fairfield Pyramids, Poverty Hills, and South and

North Lagoon Mountains to finish Audi (Part II) (19 pages total), begin X. Psalm 147 - Lauda Jerusalem (through page 7), and orchestrate the next sheet (20) of Creation: IV.