Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18 - The Days Line Up

Harriet out early to meet John Bilotta re Fresh Voices costuming, so there's morning orchestration (page 12) of The Creation: IV. and another sheet composed for Vespers: IX. Audi Coelum (Part 2 - Sextet), before strolling towards



ash, to Diablo Valley College, where Brandon does a nice Latin-American triplet dictation, Daniel his own song for a second write-it-down-as-you-hear-it, and Julie checking in with

Leonard Bernstein's brilliant Make Our Garden Grow from Candide for board harmony.

Lunch in the re-emerging light of

Namaste, finishing the grading one set of Music History papers

against the reflection


highrises, plus a quick visit to

Bay Books, before returning to

a familiar haunt

(again) for scoring a second batch. The night class proceeds from Guido Haazen, Little Richard, and George Crumb, to Philip Glass, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and the Police,

with still one last

quiz ahead. Out with

Owen and Doug and company thereafter to BJ's.

What's in a name? Everything.