Friday, May 28, 2010

May 28 - Beyond

Learn how to edit in iMovie in the late morning, as Harriet cruises out the door to San Jose, and by mid-afternoon have posted the old Radio Riot performance of San Fernando Hub: I. Fresno on YouTube.




have also met up with some of the Music Theoreticians, including

Chris (here with Doug Michael busily at work in the lab)

Daniel, Mike, William,

Eddie, Jorge, Manuela, and

David for last-day exam work, quiz corrections, compositions, and reviews.

Lunch and paper-grading/organization al fresco (briefly wind-shuffled) at La Pinata, followed by a return to the classroom to video and upload to Youtube

The Twelve Fingers: I. Introduction.

Somewhere in and around taking in the DVC graduation ceremonies, Michael Muna swings by to catch up on some Music History quizzes, followed by Ben Abar, who drags us off to the opening of the Disney-distributed

Prince of Persia with his

mom. We talk of Sima Bina, things Persian in general, and of Flying Tiger / Lord of the Rings / Raiders / Star Wars connections; then it is time to leave the retrograde sign in the spirit of

The Firesign Theatre's Nick Danger "Regnad Kcin" (here as Pleasant Hill's "Llih Tnasaelp") and go into that good night of

Cordelia and beyond, to write two more pages (13-14) of Vespers: X. Psalm 147 - Lauda Jerusalem.