Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 6 - Heights and Depths

Last day before the St. Mary's Perceivers in this month of connected Tuesday-Thursday musical presentations, winding up with excerpts from Leonard Bernstein's Westside Story, Terry Riley's In C, Steve Reich's It's Gonna Rain and Music for 18 Musicians, Philip Glass's Einstein on the Beach and Koyaanisqatsi, Mark Alburger's Camino Real, and Thom Yorke's Morning Bell. The DVC Theoreticians are beginning to wrap up proceedings, too, with Quiz 14, featuring the heretoformentioned this week Glass and Sting passages.

Lunch and paper grading at Celia's, then heading north over

Puerto Suello and

Pacheco Passes -- along




Arnold --

to finish up the walk on Warm Springs Road from

Morton's to

the east end of Bennett Valley, past





eucalypti and

vineyards, over suspiciously-draining


Creek to

the beckoning highlands.

Return is via 12

Napa Road,

through Jameson Canyon, and up the

I-80 corridor to orchestrate page 10 of The Creation: III and begin composition of Vespers: VIII.