Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12 - Tall Toils

Morning work on Page 5 orchestration of The Creation: IV. and composition 7 for Vespers: VIII. Nisi Dominus (surprise, surprise). Eventually out the door for

Muzio Clementi Sonatina No. 1: II dictation from Tod (both treble and bass), jazz waltz sight-singing by Bev, and Eddie's board harmony take on a Moody Blues tune with an intriguing plethora of common tones a la Erling Wold.

Lunch and

St. Mary's paper grading at Elephant Bar, returning to the Diablo Valley College Music Lab -- with Doug Michael,

Mark Steidel, et. al. -- to compose more of Nisi Dominus through page 19, recording this much of same with the Tritone Orchestra.

San Francisco is next for a Composers Chamber Orchestra at

Erling's, then home to Harriet.