Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 19 - Party Line

Another successful performance of Fresh Voices X: Program A, including Job, and out afterwards with Crystal Philippi (Satan), David Garner (Medea Alone), Marilyn Pratt (Job),

Nanette McGuinness, Nathan, Alix Jerinic,

Nathan Marken, Michael Desnoyers,

Del, Meghan Dibble, John Bilotta,

John McGrew,

Maria Mikheyenko, Harriet March Page,

and Kim Anderman.

And a good time

is had

by all. More Waiting for Godot videos mixed and posted upon return, including

XV. Bozzo and

XXVIII. Stop! Back! Turn! Think! Finish The Vespers of 2010 upon return -- more cause for celebration...