Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7 - Lost Yer Head Lauds

Video The Twelve Fingers: IX. Improvisation and

Variations and Theme: II at Lick-Wilmerding, during the evening of the second San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra Silence of the Wolves practice, including rehearsals of

Darius Milhaud's Chamber Symphonies (a bit Picasso'ed in the panorama above),

Davide Verotta's An Enticement of Silence,

Cindy Collins's Kinesthesia,

Lisa Scola Prosek's Suite from The Decameron (with Shauna Fallihee)

John Beeman's Fancy Free, and

Martha Stoddard's

Cowgirl Rondo.


composed the next two pages (14-15) of Vespers: XI. Sancta Maria, Ora Pro Nobis,

while Harriet is in and out on errands,

and make the way from the toasty Inland 80's to the

blustery Coastal 60's,

checking the mail at Goat Hall,

before taking the plunge into the fog.

Return to edit videos and post, with Pamela Walker Agnew checking in on The Twelve Fingers: VI. Semi-Fugue and VII. Serenade. Also hear from old oboe comrade Wayne Weisel, who is doing quite well, mostly beyond music, in Maryland; and from Leland and Chris Hauslein, re our plans to get together in early July, during their trip to SF.