Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21 - Higher

Over the Sierra with Harriet via

Emigrant and


Gaps, down the

Truckee River Canyon to


for a

visit, including a run to

Jimboy's (a small chain, franchise of which has been passed many times near Auburn -- sort of slow-food Mexican take-out) and meeting her new beau

Harold. Long welcome call from John Browning in Southern California, wondering why I'm not there (the trip is planned for next week -- but various circumstances may alter plans), then time to


past a

petrol stop,

then out of the Reno basin


the semi-operatic



in local parlance),



Truckee River

Canyon to

Donner Pass and beyond, with the second movement of the Magnificat incorporated into the Vespers and new Waiting for Godot videos posted on YouTube including

XXX. Recitative - Now! and

XXXI. Arioso - Thank You, Gentlemen.