Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 3 - Hats On, Gentlepeople

Video The Twelve Fingers: VII. Serenade and

Academic Endeavors: XII. Augmented Sixths: Folk Songs, at

Lick-Wilmerding School, arriving there in the uncertain weather (typical in this place, and certainly in this year) relatively early for the first rehearsal of the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra Silence of the Wolves show, including

Cindy Collins's


Davide Verotta's An Enticement of Silence (conducted by

Martha Stoddard),

Darius Milhaud's Chamber Symphonies Nos. 1-4 (conducted by

John Kendall Bailey),

John Beeman's Fancy Free,

Lisa Scola Prosek's Decameron excerpts, and Stoddard's Cowgirl Rondo. Before all that,

two more pages each, respectively (25-26 and 4-5), of

Vespers: X (concluding this one) and XI (as Harriet runs in and out for errands),






Francisco. After, post the Twelve: VII and Academic: XII videos on YouTube, and The Twelve Fingers: III Scherzo on Facebook -- the latter site is quite hopping, and many folks, including...

Hiraoki Asakowa, Max Brody, Lo Chow, Xavier Guerrero, Maria Gusenkov, and Cheryl Lundstrom (fantastic Diablo Valley College students)

Owen Goldin (philosophic high school buddy, and now, appropriately, a professor of philosophy)

Thomas Goss (talented SFCCO composer expatriot)

David Harrison, Leland Hauslein, Susan Hauslein Ware, Robert Holden, and Steven Kuershner (of Springfield High School fame)

Melissa Smith (expert pianist of Antigone and The Little Prince, married to David Saslav, our heroic St. Exupery in LP)

...have checked in with enthusiastic / positive / supportive comments.