Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 23 - Doggin Around

Some of the posting re Waiting for Godot proves feisty, but it is now indeed up and completely running (same proviso as yesterday, however) from XXXV. A Dog through

LX. What's Wrong with You?

Nothing's wrong on a fine day (high of 91, again), and Erling talks me through installing HandBrake and the VSL Player so the 2008 Letitia video of Antigone can be edited and posted on YouTube from

Overture (Abreviated) through

V. Duet - Where Is Your Pain for now. Rendezvous with Harriet at local Mexican al fresco spot in early evening, then return to do the text underlay for both Ave Maris Stella and its melding into Vespers. Also favorite some Ralph Vaughan Williams (Job: A Masque for Dancing, and the Symphonies 5 and 6), Nam June Paik / Charlotte Moorman, Terry Riley, and Steve Reich for the DrMarkAlburger channel, post a bit more Waiting on Facebook, set what one hopes will be a pattern vis a vis organizing the boxful garage, and take a



spa break, marking the first time so of the summer season.