Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 9 - Sky Limit

Harriet has to zoom out to a last-minute job in Vallejo, and I follow suit, after the requisite two more pages (18-19) of Vespers: XI. Sancta Maria, Ora Pro Nobis,

down the 680 corridor to Diablo Valley College to video

Suite ("Sol[ar]"): II. Mercury and

III. Venus, and record the first minute of Symphony No. 1: IV.


across the Bay Bridge to

San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra (the access code is changed just as I was finally able to come up with the mnemonic Oedipus / Agon] but, fortunately, Davide is standing by), rehearsing Cindy, D, John B,

Lisa, Darius, and

Marty -- there's also time to do movies for

The Twelve Fingers: XI. Eleven-Tone Music and

Variations and Theme: III.



VI. -- returning late to mix and post. Catching up on emails and Facebook upon return, great to hear from Janet Bentley, who still remembers and has parts for Lexington, Kentucky (now part of Three Places in America) and would like the publication. Additionally, Max Brody has requested Instruments of Deconstruction (Complete Works, Volume 2), and our resident avant-garde tubist would like Two and a Half Pieces and the Tuba Concerto...