Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29 - A Guilder for One's Thoughts

Turned out to be 103 yesterday, only in the 90's today, but in either case, a pleasure to be taking care of this and that, including editing and posting on Youtube selections II. (including IV-V. Trio - For a Guilder / Come In above, also on Facebook) through

VII. Into the Street -- which Bianca Showalter particularly likes (as well she should, as she sounds so great in the excerpts). Wondershare continues to work nicely (save or a puzzling speed increase re VIII. and beyond); it additionally yields a product that looks better on blogs -- as standard, rather than wide-screen images. Also do more filing, 21st-Century Music work, bring Magnificat: VIII. into the Vespers, make a bike/pool run, and have pleasant phone conversations with Harriet, Tom Heasley, John Browning (looks like it'll be south for July 4), and the woodwinds of the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra (yes, it's already time to think about the September show).

Finally start using, what with all the video to be stored, the WD Passport external hard drive -- easy to get up and running, just plug and play, as they say -- with a clever usb cable that, like the iPod/iPhone, provides its own power. Continuing the notion that any sufficiently sophisticated technology seems like magic, this baby has seemingly almost twice the storage capacity of the old (all of four years) Lacie model, and is approximately 8 times smaller -- so compact, in fact, that it can be fit into a pocket and carted around, for semi-peace of mind.