Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25 - Stages

After the ordeal of finishing the taxes, printing out copies (grateful to have replaced the cartridge 5 minutes before the office supply store closed the day previously), and sending off (turns out the local UPS doubles as a postoffice -- yes! -- thanks to Harriet's advice) -- H and I deliver to Fairfield's Missouri Street Theatre the

errant cemetary pices for those not responsible enough to do it themselves.




zip back through that burg to our town,

putting the next Magnificat item (the fifth) into place in the Vespers, and editing and beginning to post

Antigone: XI. TRIO - "What Is This" through

XV. ARIA - "You Think You Knew".

Oh yes, also in the midst of this, take a break (H staying home to pack) and drive to Marin (with financial greetings at the postbox) and San Francisco (totally fogged in, cold) for the third

Sex and the Bible cast party at David Garner and Crystal Philippi's, with

Kim Anderman,

Maria Mikheyenko, Vicki Holder, and Nanette McGuinness, and Steve Mobia, viewing the latter's video of the last night's misbehaving performance, then

returning to Harriet's arms, etc, in this her last night before the big Washington State trip.