Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 16 - Fog and Light

Edit Page 7 of Psalm 26 ("Judica Me") before Theory Quiz 5 -- with musical examples drawn from Josquin des Pres, Costanzo Festa, King Henry VIII, Louis Borgeois, and Thomas Morley -- then off to Marin for Celia's paper grading (mostly A's) and post box.

Farther north via Lakeville, the

walk du jours continues progress along Old Adobe from

Sonoma Mountain Road to the

Petaluma-Penngrove Divide via




roads and ridges,

cows and mountains,



horses (and the other 3/4's?),

with the chill fog coming in like mad towards the end. Making a circuitous beeline home for dinner with Harriet, the videos du soire are

Twelve Preludes and Fugues: Ib. Another Cognitive Disorder and

Xb. Rock His World.