Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 29 - On the Tightrope

Page 2 of Psalm 30 edited before charging out the door for review work on with the Theoreticians (re C Melodic Minor Scale, Bb and and Eb Major, B and F# Minor -- the latter both in Natural and Harmonic forms; plus Sonata-Allegro form as exemplified in the Mozart K. 545 first movement), Franz Xaver Gruber's Silent Night for dictation and board harmony, and notatble student works. Coffee and lunch with Doug, then more embedding videos on the Music History blog (now Rhythm-and-Blues and 50's Rock ones, in continuing preparation for the new evening class), but the power cuts out in part of the Music Building, and then the internet goes, so move to lab, where the internet works long enough to log in before cutting out again. Seems to be nothing to do but take an early dinner at China Garden, where the internet turns spotty, again, at best. Upon returning to school to meet with Monty re the changing-of-the-guard for the course, barriers have been placed before the entrance driveways, and signs announce the cancellation of classes for the duration of the day. Heading home unexpectedly early, there's time to begin a catch-up, including eventually the videos of Sequence Music: I and